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Why Photoshare

Photoshare is most recommended Platform for sharing client photos.Upload your photos and It creates a simple and inventive photo gallery grid.You can customize the Unique site URL



Allow clients to download their photos directly from your professional gallery.


1.Fast And Secure

This tool allows your clients to make selections from a shoot right on your site.Once client choose their image,they can only send and download,but they cant compress the photos.This process is simple ,fast and secure.


2.Invite Gallery

You can share images by granting download permissions through gallery.For more security Make a login for your client means send an email to the person and he can able to access the permissions for Gallery. You can create as many permissions you need and determine file size, expiration date, maximum number of downloads.


3.Unlimited access to your images.

It allows clients to download anything that you makevisible to them on an ongoing basis without your involvement. You set the size at which they have permission to download and they login to get unlimited access as they need it.


4.Social sharing for business

Client share your photos and spread your brand into social media.online gallery present a chance to market your brand to those clients.By this method we can generate leads from existingclients .


5.size and format files

There are many file formats and sizes like jpeg,png, photographer shooting in RAW becomes commonplace. RAW shooters often dismiss shooting in jpeg. However, the reality isjpeg is probably the number one format people consume digitally.It is important to remember that most people consume images on digital platforms.


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